Have the Vision? Buy the View



Serenity Cove | 6 Acres

680 feet of beachfront

Pinney's Beach | 20 Acres

1,400 feet of waterfront

Long Haul Bay | 17 Acres

Dreaming of a sustainable future? A tiny island in the Caribbean could be the answer

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, ST. KITTS & NEVIS, June 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- It’s easy for ideas to be whittled down to a few passing buzzwords, the meaning getting lost through overuse. Eco, sustainable and green are now all too common, terms thrown around to recognize even the slightest change in a building’s design that gives a passing nod to looking after the planet. But the reality is, we need to keep an eye on the future and we need to be rethinking the way we design homes and communities.

The tiny island of Nevis, an emerald gem rising up from turquoise seas, is potentially the perfect place to make your contribution to the future. Set towards the top of the sweeping curve of the Leeward Islands with the likes of Antigua, St Barthes and even St Maarten visible in the near distance, Nevis is a single jungle-clad volcanic peak surrounded by sandy beaches and home to some of the most extraordinary hideaways in the Caribbean. This is where royalty retreats when they want to escape the rest of the world and where rockstars turn up at local beach bars and blend seamlessly into the background. ‘Too blessed to be stressed’ says the sign on the back of a taxi. There are no traffic lights – and come to that, no traffic.

But there is a small airport where private jets fly in and out, and a sheltered coastline where some of the finest superyachts and tall ships in the world will spend weeks at a time. There are high end restaurants, including the world’s only private dining experience in a former sugar mill. This is an island used to luxury and understated glamour, that knows how to provide unforgettable moments.

For those keen on redevelopment, Serenity Cove has astonishing possibilities. Overlooking Oualie Bay – the ‘Land of Beautiful Waters’ – are a historic fort, and over 1000 feet of direct water frontage. Dotted around grounds that extend to nearly 6 acres the views here encompass everything the Caribbean is known for: rainforest covered mountains, crystal clear seas, and spectacular green flash sunsets. Priced at US$5.25 million, this is the extraordinary opportunity to develop a boutique resort or a private estate.

The only hint of a group’s existence on island is the renowned Four Seasons Resort. This sits directly on Pinney’s Beach, the three mile stretch of golden sand that runs along the Caribbean side of Nevis. With this to the north and the unrivalled beach bars directly to the south, there are 20 acres of beachfront up for sale that offer a prime development opportunity. With nothing interrupting the direct line of sight to the sea, this is a chance to own a view in a location with serious business potential. It’s available for US$17 million and should appeal to high-end, high-vision developers.

But to the north of the island there’s 1400 feet of water frontage for sale, reaching back to cover 17 acres of glorious wild, undeveloped land at Long Haul Bay. This would be a seriously impressive location for an individual family home or something created as a venue for weddings or corporate retreats. Leaning towards sustainability would be well-reflected by the coral reefs directly out front and the jungle flora that covers the land. It’s US$6.75 million to have the chance to create something wonderful here.

There are more large parcels of land available, too – for starters, there’s Five Turnings covering just under 20 acres priced at US$15 million, and 13 acres of oceanfront land on the aptly named Paradise Beach – all of which could be developed to reflect your vision of the future. We suggest if you have the vision, you buy the whole view. Here on Nevis, that’s possible.