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As the oldest Citizenship by Invesment (CBI) program in the world, the St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship program is regarded as the Platinum Standard, a level the country has maintained by constantly adapting to a changing world. It is one of the world's most accessible and successful CBI programs.

We go into detail about St Kitts and Nevis residency – Temporary, Annual and Permanent – on our Residency Requirements Webpage. Given that there are recent significant changes to the CBI programme, we want to keep our readers up to date.

The changes were brought into effect at the end of July 2023 in response to recommendations by both the UK and EU. It is no surprise that the twin-island Federation was the first in the Caribbean to make the necessary changes.

The Citizenship by Investment program can be broken down into four categories, the Sustainable Island State Contribution (SIC), the Developer Real Estate Investment Option (REO), the Private Home Sales Option (PHO) and the Public Benefit Option (PBO).

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Sustainable Island State Contribution (SIC) 

What is now called the Sustainable Island State Contribution (SIC) was establish in March 2018.

The Application Processing Fees are;
• $250,000 for main applicant
• $300,000 for main applicant and spouse or one dependent
• $350,000 for main applicant and spouse and up to two dependents
• $50,000 for each additional dependent under 18 years of age
• $75,000 for each additional dependent 18 years or older

Developer Real Estate Option & Private Homes Sales 

If your are interested in obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real estate, there are two investment categories to consider. The first are properties within an approved development being sold by a developer, Developer Real Estate Option (REO) and the second are private homes, Private Home Sales Option (PHO). The properties in both categories may be a condominium or a home. The minimum investment level for REO is $400,000. The minimum investment level for PHO is $400,000 for a condominium or $800,000 for a single-family home. In both instances the property can be sold after 7 years of legal ownership.

The Application Processing fees are;
• $25,000 for the main applicant
• $15,000 for the spouse of the main applicant
• $10,000 for each dependent under the age of 18; and
• $15,000 for each dependent age 18 and over

Public Benefit Option

The Public Benefit Option allows an investor to determine the specific project he or she wishes to contribute to. Under the PBO, each main applicant is required to make a minimum contribution of US$250,000 in a unit of an Approved Public Benefit Project to be paid to the relevant Approved Public Benefactor. This option replaced the Alternative Investment Option.

The Application Processing fees are;
• $25,000 for the main applicant
• $15,000 for the spouse of the main applicant
• $10,000 for each dependent under the age of 18; and
• $15,000 for each dependent age 18 and over

Due Diligence Fees and Mandatory Interviews


The standard due diligence fees for all applications are;
• $10,000 for the main applicant; and
• $7,500 for each dependent age 16 or over

Each main applicant is required to attend an interview conducted by an independent professional firm commissioned by the CIU or by officials of the Unit either virtually, in person in St Kitts and Nevis or in person at such other location approved by the Board of Governors of the CIU.

Dependants aged 16 or over may if deemed necessary also be required to attend an interview.

Eligibility of Dependents

• Offspring below the age of eighteen
• Individuals between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, who are enrolled in recognized educational institutions
• Offspring aged eighteen years or above, who are physically or mentally challenged
• Parents of the primary applicant or spouse, who are sixty-five years of age or older and are entirely reliant on the primary applicant

Application Processing Timing

The processing time for applications has been optimized, whereby approvals-in-principle are now granted within a period of 120 days (equivalent to 4 months) from the date of submission to the Unit. The option of expediting applications through premium fees has been discontinued.

Upon the successful completion of the requisite procedures and approval, your Certificate of Registration may be obtained in person at St. Kitts & Nevis or at an authorized Embassy or Consulate.