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St. Kitts & Nevis Parishes

The Caribbean, a place long synonymous with a life of ease and luxury. Empty stretches of beach, azure horizons and jungles alive with the sounds of the wild are decorated with charming churches, moments of bustle, and elegant estates. Whether seeking a secluded sanctuary or citizenship by investment, our expansive portfolio includes your perfect home.

Our combined decades of experience in the luxury real estate market here on St. Kitts and Nevis ensure that all aspects of purchasing, selling, or renting homes are covered. With bespoke property management options available, we will help you redefine your way of life.

Nichola Town Sandy Point St. George Basseterre Gingerland St. James St. John CapisterreSt. John FigtreeSt. Mary Cayon St. Paul CapisterreCharlestown St. Peter St. Thomas LowlandSt. Thomas Middle Island TrinitySt. KittsNevis


Residential Developments

Our properties include everything from unique, renovated sugar mills to homes in exclusive communities. Christophe Harbour on St Kitts offers a luxurious lifestyle set around a perfect crescent bay; homes at the Four Seasons on Nevis provide decadence in a dramatic setting. Whether you’re after a beachside condo or a beautiful villa in a safe and secure community, we can help.

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