The Year in Review - 2021

It’s been an incredible year on Nevis with a record number of real estate transactions: more than 52 sales (a few will close in 2022) have been made, including lots, condos, and villas. Altogether, transactions have totaled above $28  million. This is an extraordinary figure for a 36 square mile island and is testament to how people can fall in love with our unique corner of the Caribbean.

The Alien Land Holder License waiver and the appeal of the Citizenship by Investment program have been significant contributors towards this record number of sales. With the waiver set to continue until June 30, 2022, and the CBI program remaining the global ‘Platinum Standard’, we have good reason to be optimistic for the coming year, too.

Moreover, 2021 has been entangled in a series of quarantine restrictions and expectations. With the tourist season getting into full swing, Nevis is ready to open her doors again. As of December 11th all fully vaccinated arrivals with a negative PCR test will not have to quarantine and will have full access to all beaches and tourist sites, whether arriving by sea or air. Events will be filled to 75% capacity, and quarantine for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated arrivals is reduced from 14 to 9 days. We believe this upturn in visitor numbers will serve to push those record real estate numbers even higher in the coming year.

More arrivals mean more property rentals and our homeowners who have purchased places here as an investment are certainly reaping the rewards this season. With so many around the world keen to travel after 20 months of closures, and airline access almost back to fully operational, visitors are keen to escape cities and retreat to our quiet beaches and hilltop hideouts.

The Premier Mark Brantley recently confirmed that there are now 163 constructions projects, both small and large scale, on Nevis alone. The concessions on building materials have clearly translated into a reignited interest in construction, and as the Premier observed in his annual Budget Address this is also a boost for jobs and the local economy. Everything is set to make 2022 a promising year.

If you’ve been to the island before and are looking to discover a new corner of it, get in touch and we’ll help you pick the perfect destination. Or perhaps you’ve never been here and want to find the ultimate starting point in your search for a home? We’re on it. Everyone at Nevis Style Realty knows the island inside out and we can help you track down the places and spaces seemingly created just for you.

We look forward to seeing even more of you in 2022 and helping you redefine your way of life.

Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year!

Charlestown Christmas Square