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Traveling to St. Kitts and Nevis – September 2020

'The man stood on his veranda and watched as the sun slowly sank into the Caribbean Sea, leaving palm trees silhouetted against the skyline. Just one more day, he thought. One more day before he could swim in that sea and share a drink with old friends at his favorite bar.'

And where is this scene set? St. Kitts & Nevis, of course – because we are once more opening for business. Up until now, visitors and those returning home have been obliged to quarantine in an official government facility. The rules have changed, though, and we at NSR are very happy to inform you that you can now pass the two weeks of quarantine in your own home or villa rental.

What You Need to Know When Traveling to St. Kitts & Nevis


In order to meet the Government Requirements – in place to keep Nevis Covid-19 free, one of the few corners of the world that has seen only a handful of cases and no deaths due to the pandemic – the NSR team will help facilitate your stay. We will be there to


-      make transportation arrangements for your arrival, complying with current regulations

-     organize security team for the quarantine period

-     coordinate with air charter services with flights that orginate from Puerto Rico, USVI, St. Martin and Antigua

-      organize a pre-arrival home inspection with the island's Covid-19 Taskforce

-      shop for food and essentials prior to your arrival and leave your home stocked and ready for a fortnight's residence

-      coordinate with any staff who work at your property to ensure it is as you want it to be

-      be available for any assistance you may need during your period of quarantine


There is a requirement for a Covid-19 test prior to boarding any flight to the Federation, and at the end of the quarantine period a further test is required on-island. These will be at your expense but we can help coordinate the procedure for you.

Furthermore, the government wants to ensure that people are not tempted to break their quarantine early (they know how inviting the sea can look...) and in order to police this all visitors will be required to recruit the services of a Private Security Firm, information available from the Office of the Commissioner of Police. The bill for this is estimated to be at minimum US$2,500 for the full quarantine period.

Everyone in quarantine is required to download the government's tracking app, and a daily report submitted regarding your state of health. The public health team may visit you at any time during your quarantine period: during their visits, it is necessary for you to wear at least a mask and gloves for both your and their safety.

The residents of St Kitts and Nevis have fought hard to keep Covid at bay, and in order to maintain our status as a sanctuary from the virus these strict rules must be followed. They undoubtedly appear alarming at first reading, but if the goal is to retreat to Nevis to be in a safe, peaceful corner of the world then the time in quarantine can be enjoyed rather than endured. Pleae click on the following link, St. Kitts & Nevis Covid-19 Entry Form to fill out an application.

With all the enticing offers the government has created – from the waiving of alien land holding licenses to the reduction of customs duties on new-build materials – we at Nevis Style Realty are ready to introduce you to our charming villas and chic apartments. We know now, more than ever, that what we have here on Nevis is magical, truly something apart from the rest of the world, and we would love to welcome you to the gentle rhythms of island life.

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