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Prerequisites for Accreditation of Sites for Home Quarantine.

The National Covid19 Task Force

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Condition of Quarantine and Prerequisites for Accreditation of Hotels & Homes as sites for Home Quarantine

Authority: Quarantine Act Chap 9.23


Pre-certified home quarantine is designed to allow persons the opportunity to quarantine in their place of abode without increasing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to others, as well as to specify the conditions of quarantine at such location.

Place of abode: This could be a private house, villa, apartment, dormitory, and hotel room.


1.     The place of abode will be inspected by the COVID-19 Task Force to ensure that the property is suitable for quarantine, prior to approval.

2.     The person or persons should be able to totally isolate within the place of abode without having physical contact with others who are not in quarantine. The isolated individual must have access to a separate bedroom and bathroom unit (that is, hand hygiene and toilet facilities) that are not used by others who are not in quarantine.

3.     The place of abode must have facilities for implementation of COVID-19 infection prevention and control (IPC) measures, including hand washing, sanitation and garbage disposal.

4.     The place of abode should have facilities for appropriate storage of food, food preparation, laundry and hygiene provisions for the duration of quarantine. While in quarantine, arrangements can be made to have food supplies and other necessities (for activities of daily living) delivered to the place of abode. No physical interaction will be permitted during such deliveries.

5.     Persons in quarantine must not make physical contact with others who are not in quarantine until cleared from quarantine after 14 days with a negative RT-PRC test result. The individual in quarantine should not entertain any guests/ visitors during the period of quarantine.


6.     Persons in quarantine must be attired in appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when they interact with a pre-designated care provider. The person must wear a minimum of a surgical face mask and a pair of disposable gloves when interacting with the pre- designated care provider.

7.     Under special circumstances, one is free to depart the island before the completion of the 14 days quarantine period once this can be done safely without unnecessary exposure to others in the general population.

8.     The individual in quarantine should have access to internet, news and entertainment. The individual should be able to communicate with relatives, friends and loved ones outside the quarantine facility. Psychosocial support will be available to persons in quarantine. Individuals in quarantine can call 1 869 662 8086 to access psychosocial support.

9.     It is mandatory that the St. Kitts & Nevis National COVID-19 Mobile App and other tracking devices be downloaded on mobile phone or worn on the wrist for the duration of the 14 days of quarantine, to ensure compliance with the terms of quarantine.

10.  The individual in quarantine must also submit daily updates regarding health status using virtual means and the mobile app.

11.  The public health team will monitor ALL persons in quarantine. The public health team can call and visit persons in quarantine at any time during the 14 day quarantine period.

12.  Pre-approved private security firms must be contracted by the person(s) to be quarantined via the Office of the Commissioner of Police, to enforce compliance 24/7.


13.  Cost of quarantine and pre-approved security must be covered by the individual in quarantine. Such costs will include those for personal protective equipment (PPE) should it become necessary for the individual in quarantine to be outfitted with same. As such, persons in quarantine should be prepared to purchase an ample supply of their own PPE prior to the start of the quarantine period.

14.  Cost of testing and any other medical attention required by the person(s) in quarantine will be at the expense of the individual.


15.  An administrative fee of two hundred and fifty dollars (250.00xcd) will be applied to the application separate to any other cost set forth by this policy.

16.  A person(s) in quarantine who breach the protocols as set out by this policy, the Task Force can revoke this agreement and move the individual(s) to a Government (Public) Quarantine site as well as being subject to prosecution.

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