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Have you ever tried sending post to somebody on St Kitts and Nevis? It can be something of an amusing endeavour, trying to convince a postal worker that yes, the islands really do exist.

“Perhaps they are listed under 'St Christopher and Nevis'?” you offer helpfully.

Of course, the name is finally found, generally to great relief on your part and great curiosity on theirs.

“Where exactly is this?” they'll ask.

It is always quite incredible to realise that people know Antigua and St Barthes and St Maarten and even little Montserrat, but for some reason St Kitts and Nevis have slipped beneath the radar. To be honest, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Luxury Villa on Nevis

Caribbean Home On St. Kitts & Nevis

Our islands really are the definitive 'hidden gems', with Nevis – slightly harder to access, and always peering shyly from beneath her cloud-covered peak – the crown jewel. It isn't difficult to see why visitors are enchanted by our island, with her easy pace of life and endless series of beautiful backdrops. There isn't a corner that doesn't have a slice of magic tucked away: suddenly, there is a black sand beach, or there is a gently decaying former plantation being slowly overtaken by the jungle, or there are unexpected trees decked in tiny calamansi limes – hidden reminders of the slave trade.

It is that quiet, understated charm that has drawn visitors for centuries. This year, a year of pandemics and heartbreak and enforced reevaluation of our lives, has been a remarkable one for real estate sales on Nevis. From plots of land tucked away on the Peak's slopes, just waiting for an entrepreneur's vision to be fulfilled, to extraordinary, luxuriant villas with private pathways winding towards the shore, we have been able to find the perfect location for all our clients.

0.5 Acre Lot - Ridge Road

Lot on the ridge overlooking the Caribbean

Since the Nevis Island Administration has extended the concessions on building materials until the end of March next year – coupled with the waiving of the 10% Alien Landholder's License Fee – there has never been a better time to start a Nevisian real estate adventure. These really are exceptional savings on anyone looking to undertake a significant project, with anyone looking to spend in excess of US$30,000 on building materials set to make dramatic reductions in costs.

“Where exactly is Nevis?” your friends might ask. It's up to you whether you choose to share our island's secrets.

St. Kitts and Nevis Real Estate Sales

Buying real estate on St Kitts or Nevis may be an astute investment, a lifestyle choice, or the culmination of a lifelong dream. Whatever your motivation, Nevis Style Realty will find the perfect property for you. In addition to our purchasing and listing services, our real estate expertise ensure that all legal aspects of buying, selling or renting homes are covered. Furthermore, we offer property management, holiday rentals, and car rental services with our sister company, Nevis Auto Rental Ltd.

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