Our Take On The Market

The world has changed over the past year and Nevis, as always through the centuries, has adapted to those changes.

The number of property sales in the last quarter of 2020 and first quarter of 2021 is testament to those changes and to her success in the global market. During this time, we have handled 17 real estate transactions that are under offer, under contract or have closed. 

One of the driving forces has been the waiver of the Alien Land Holder License (ALHL) fee, which prompted purchasers to take the opportunity to acquire their own corner of paradise. 

The strength of the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme is also undoubtedly a significant contributing factor to the increased interest in real estate here. Worldwide, sales have increased an astonishing 43.9% on last year’s figures. The desire for a second passport has been largely driven by Covid-19 travel restrictions, with 52.5% of CBI applicants indicating that this is their main incentive. 

A strict lockdown, careful attendance to the rules by all residents and an ongoing vaccination programme, have all combined to ensure that Nevis has very low rates of Covid infections. Altogether, we have had just a handful of cases and all are now safely back home. 

Whereas the majority of people once looked to Nevis properties as an investment that came with a sought after passport, increasingly we are finding families looking to relocate. In addition, the low rates of Covid and the waiving of the ALHL fee have served to create a uniquely appealing investment option that will remain throughout 2021.

New faces are appearing on the island, along with new ideas and hopes for the future. But the character and charm of life on Nevis prevails, and we look forwards to welcoming you as we open up more and more to tourism and visitors.