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St Kitts and Nevis are scheduled to fully reopened in October and we are excited to share our beaches, restaurants and sunsets once more with you. Here is where you can eat wahoo pulled from the sea only hours before; here is where you rush slowly and ease through the days; here is where, as is written on the taxi cabs, we are ‘too blessed to be stressed’.


Our holiday homes and vacation rentals are dotted throughout Nevis. Perhaps you want to return to a much-loved, familiar spot – or maybe you want to try a new view on for size? Head over to the eastern side of the island, to the fairytale likes of Gingerland, and you will be rewarded with spectacular sunrises over the Atlantic. Here, the waves roll in, throwing themselves onto the shore in a wild and wonderful way.


Or there’s the Caribbean side, where sunsets and serenity are the name of the game. Think long walks on the beach and diving into the warm sea when the sun gets too much – and keep your eyes peeled for sand dollars and turtles while you’re in there.


We love exploring the wild, jungle-clad Peak and there’s a series of walking trails leading around the mountain. The waterfalls walk is a particular favorite, following a shaded path beneath the trees, winding around the glorious buttress roots and, if we are feeling particularly energetic, continuing on to Golden Rock for breakfast.


And sometimes we will head down to Black Sands beach – there is hardly ever anyone around and it’s the perfect opportunity for dramatic photographs, the sparkling black beach alongside a turquoise sea. There are the paths we explore near Montpelier, too, and if you venture along the right ones you will come across Philippa’s Grave, made famous in Dr June Goodfield’s book, ‘Rivers of Time’.


The golf course of the Four Seasons is especially beautiful in the early morning light with the shadow of Nevis Peak reaching across the green. Cat Ghaut golf course makes for a quirky challenge, and the few holes at the Nevis Golf Association require the interventions of imagination and invention in equal measure.


The questions we ask ourselves each day: which restaurant do we want to eat at? Which cocktail should accompany the sunset? Which beach will be today’s swimming spot? Nevis offers perhaps some of the finest luxury escapes anywhere in the world, but it is always these simple pleasures that dictate the rhythms of a day.


It’s easy to see why people are repeatedly drawn to the island and its charms, why years of vacation rentals are exchanged for a holiday home, and why in turn that holiday home so often becomes a permanent base. We love to introduce buyers to their perfect villa – and we’ll show you the perfect cocktail bar, too.