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You bought a home on Nevis. Now what?

How to ship your household items to Nevis and apply for concession

After you have bought a home on Nevis, one of the first things you would want to do is organize your shipment of household items. You can ship certain items duty free. To do this follow these steps.

Write to the Ministry of Finance requesting concession on the import of personal belongings. The letter should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Charlestown, Nevis’s c/o Mr. Colin Dore.

In the letter, specify that you have bought a home on Nevis that is now your main residence. 

When you arrive on island, go to the Ministry of Finance with your passport and a copy of the concession letter so they can verify that you are the person applying for concession.

You also must provide an itemized list (quantified and itemized) and specify if anything is brand new such as appliances.

Concession is not meant to be on brand new items.


Containers being shipped to Nevis


There are several agencies on Nevis that you may use for shipping. We recommned Claxton Services.

It is a locally owned busines who offer Relocation Services, Shipping Agents, Customs Brokers, Airport handling Agents, Travel and Cruise Consultants.

Their Motto:

Flexibility to accommodate our customers’ needs is essential.

Email Cell 869-662-8093 Office 869-469-5155



Provide quotation based on container size or cubic measurement of shipment

Track shipments arrival

Decide on amount to be paid in advance 

Coordinate offloading with Customs and Client 

Submit documentation (packing list, approved concession etc)  to Customs officials

Make appointment with Customs to Off Load Shipment 

Conduct site visit to determine positioning and offloading of Container

Prepare Port documents for release of Shipment

Contract driver to deliver container to site

Provide crew and equipment needed to offload shipment 

• Inspect shipment at sitealong with Customs Officers 

Communicate with client regarding placement of items during offloading

Removal of packaging

Prepare Customs Documentation

Advise customer of applicable Customs charges and arrange payment for same

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