Moving to Nevis: our lifestyle guide

'Nevis Nice' declare the number plates. And on a minibus the island's other unofficial motto: 'Too blessed to be stressed'. Nevis is far from being just another holiday spot in the Caribbean – it has the soft-sand beaches and the palm trees and the gorgeous weather, but there is also a special friendliness to the little island that sets it apart.

Moving to a new place is always daunting, and even a tropical paradise such as ours comes with its challenges. While locally grown fruit and vegetables can be sourced daily and there is a steady supply of fish freshly caught direct from the Caribbean Sea, almost everything else has to be imported. The nearest cinema is on St Kitts, fast-food chains have yet to reach the island, and the national sport of cricket can be something of a confusing obsession to the uninitiated (a single match can last five days...).

And there are the little things: which side of the road should be used? Which bar is best for sunsets? Where on the verdant slopes of Mount Nevis can you forage for calamansi to add to your gin and tonic? How do you stop monkeys beating you to your mangoes and papayas?

While we can't answer all your questions – and it is more fun to find some of the answers yourself, such as 'which is the most beautiful beach at daybreak?' - we have put together this guide of helpful contacts to facilitate your transition to the island. With our combined years of living in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis, the team at Nevis Style Realty has gathered a vast array of information and contacts both through our business and our personal experiences. We are sharing these with you in the hope it helps make your move here as smooth as possible.

We thank you for choosing to move to Nevis with us; it is a great pleasure to be of assistance, and we look forward to seeing you around the island.

With our warmest thanks,

Nevis Style Realty Team