St. Kitts and Nevis Residency

As more people have the opportunity to work from home, they’re looking to new possibilities overseas: why live your life from a single corner of the world when there are beautiful, palm-lined islands such as St Kitts and Nevis on offer?

But to become a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis requires a considerable investment: the CBI scheme needs a minimum of US$250,000 investment – or at least US$400,000 spent on a home purchase. And that’s not including all the associated fees and additional taxes that must be paid. Residency provides a viable, appealing alternative that means people can take advantage of island life without making a significant financial commitment.

Residency options are available to:
- spouses of work permit holders
- spouses of residence holders
- retired expatriates
- children under 18 who are not in school and are physically challenged

Costs are low and there is no processing fee at this time for Temporary or Annual Residency on Nevis. A simple form needs to be completed, including copies of information such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates, and the applicant will be contacted to let them know whether or not they’re successful. You’ll also need a TB test – results of which will be valid for one year – and, in light of the Twin Island Federation’s stance on the pandemic, you’ll need proof of vaccination against Covid-19. A deadline for payment will then be given if you successfully applied.

For Temporary Residency, It’s just US$600 for a year, US$300 for six months and under, and a US$100 fee is applied to late payments. All visas run until 31st December, with applications for renewal available from October to December.

To learn more about the other Residency options visit our webpage; Residency - What you need to know