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Charlestown Secondary opened in 1950 with the new Sixth Form College established in 1983 and the Technical & Vocational Centre in 1991. The school provides quality instructions and a nurturing environment with which all students can develop their academic, technical, physical, social and moral capabilities to prepare their minds for lifelong learning and develop responsible adults.

Charlestown Secondary School
Stoney Grove, Charlestown


Gingerland Secondary School is an educational institution that opened in 1973. The institution provides quality education, especially to persons within the Gingerland and St.James’ communities. It is one of two government owned secondary schools on the island under the Nevis Island Administration but more specifically the Ministry and Department of Education.

Gingerland Secondary School
Stonyhill, Gingerland


Nevis International Secondary School is the only private Secondary School on the island providing quality education to their students from 1st to 5th Form (ages 11-17) with a dedicated core of teachers, diverse student body and continued focus on holistic academic and social development.

Nevis International Secondary School(Private)
Brown Pasture
Email: nevisinternationalsecondary@sisterisles.kn
Website: www.nevisinternational.wixsite.com


My son attended NISS for 5th form or 7th grade. It one of the smaller schools on the island. However, the classes were not over crowed.

The curriculum is based on the British system of education.

Ty really enjoyed his time there and made lots of friends.