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Mountain retreats in St. Kitts and Nevis

Think of the Caribbean and it is impossible not to think of beaches – preferably ones watched over by palm trees slung with inviting hammocks. But little 36 square mile Nevis has another trick under its sun-drenched sombrero: The Peak.


At just under a kilometer above sea level – reaching up for 3232ft – Nevis Peak has vertiginous slopes covered in thick layers of tangled jungle. Properties up here are few and far between. They are invariably accessed by private, winding roads affording ever more dramatic views across the sparkling Caribbean Sea. The ultimate in secluded and exclusive, some of the mountain retreats on offer are amongst the finest properties on the island. We have chosen three of our favorites to share with you.


Caribbean Retreat

Trade Wind

High up on Mount Lilly sits the sunshine yellow Trade Wind, a stunning three-bedroom villa with unmatched views reaching to the bluest of seas. With four carefully oriented verandahs designed to make the most of sunrises, sunsets and the magical views, this is a gorgeous #retreat. Only ten minutes’ drive from some of Nevis’ best beaches, for the moments when that is just too far to go there is a large pool on the western side of the villa – yes, it is ideal for sundowners…


Caribbean Retreat

Tree Tops

On the wild side of the island near the fairytale-sounding Gingerland, Tree Tops is nestled deep in the high jungle. Crafted with attention to traditional Caribbean style, this beautifully structured house is all about light and space and air. An extensive garden is bursting with mature fruit trees and tropical plants, the fronds of fan palms reaching towards an elevated wraparound verandah. Buried in this garden is the adorable Christmas Cottage – a retreat within a retreat that will satisfy anyone looking to live life to the sound of birdsong and swaying trees. 


Caribbean Retreat

Me Hideaway

Charmingly decorated with accents of blue and green against a cool white backdrop, Me Hideaway brings the colors of the coast to the quiet of the mountainside. Cooled year round by the northerly winds, this retreat has views that reach as far as Montserrat and Antigua on a clear day. A pool with a wide wooden decked surround is seemingly designed for days of idle sunbathing, and the villa’s twin verandahs invite further al fresco diversions.