Just a Little Luxury

St Kitts and Nevis are packed with perfect viewpoints. Drive along any road, head down any track, and there will always be a little glimpse of magic - whether that’s a sparkling blue sea, a deserted beach, or the crumbling remains of a sugar mill buried deep in the jungle that has long since claimed its territory. And there are some homes that celebrate this beauty in a way that others can’t: they have the finest views, the most beautiful gardens, the settings designed to blend the indoors and the outdoors in a sensational, seamless flow.


1719 in the Four Seasons Resort is one of our most luxurious homes for sale on Nevis. A vast verandah runs along the northwestern side, looking over the infinity pool and palm trees and down towards the 15th fairway and the Caribbean Sea. Open your living room to the warm tropical air, lush surroundings, and views to the sister island of St. Kitts. Sleek low-profile furniture ensures a sight from every seat, even to catch a glimpse of the occasional monkey passing by.


While some appreciate the services and amenities that come with being embedded within the Four Seasons Resort, others enjoy the absolute privacy of being tucked away on Nevis Peak itself. The Retreat offers a chic, contemporary sanctuary and features the stylings of award-winning designer Naomi Cleaver. The fan palms and banana trees make for the perfect tropical silhouettes against the setting sun and the blue of the Caribbean Sea, and inside the extraordinary attention to detail makes this one of the most luxurious homes in the Federation.


Nevis is known to be the quieter of the two islands, a space where people look to retreat into hidden, calm luxury. But St Kitts also has some spectacular offerings, too, with luxury homes dotted throughout the island.


Set in the prestigious Christophe Harbour, 8 Mariner’s Call is an extraordinary space with one of the more dramatic outdoor settings that take advantage of the addictive views. A covered verandah leads to a sunken pool, created from Nevisian stonework and as much a part of the landscape as the gentle hills on the horizon. Inside, the coral stone floors and dark mahogany touches exude luxury and a sense of peace and space.


Up on windswept Sundance Ridge, Island Outpost is nothing if not a feat of engineering. The trade winds ease their way around the curved villa perched dramatically above a sheer cliff face. Views reach to either side of the peninsula, a unique outlook that no other properties can achieve. This home has truly been designed with the outside spaces in mind, working with nature to create an exceptional vision.


While it might be tempting to buy land on St Kitts or Nevis and create your own dream home from the ground up, we would love to show you some of our finest luxurious homes and show you that which has already been crafted here. The perfect home is not only about what it inside but also outside, and a home that not only takes advantage of but purposefully blends in the outside spaces is surely the finest of all.