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Freehold Possibilities on St. Kitts

St Kitts is the larger of the two islands in the Federation. In comparison to Nevis it is a little louder, a little more brash: there is a ‘strip’ with bright lights and even brighter cocktails, whereas Nevis has nothing more boisterous than a gathering of casual beach bars. St Kitts is that little bit more accessible, too, with the larger airport that accepts direct flights from Europe and the US – and it has a cruise terminal, disgorging thousands of passengers daily during the busy winter season. 


But like Nevis, St Kitts is steeped in history and possibilities. Brimstone Hill Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage site; the Royal St Kitts golf course has holes alongside both the Atlantic and the Caribbean, and luxurious Christophe Harbour is regularly visited by some of the world’s most opulent super yachts. 


Set alongside a stunning golden crescent of sand that leads into turquoise seas, Christophe Harbour offers a luxury lifestyle with panoramic views of tangerine sunsets. This is where you’ll find custom villas, some of the finest real estate on St Kitts where dramatic pool decks and games rooms and hand-crafted fixtures come as standard. 

Christophe Harbour

Villas such as that at 129 Morning Rise Lane include a sunset pavilion, vast floor-to-ceiling windows and walls of French windows that mean the outdoors and indoors become shared spaces. And all the addresses are close to the marina, the renowned SALT Plage beach bar, the restaurants of the exclusive Park Hyatt hotel. 


Perhaps you would rather be a little set apart from the rest of the island, in which case Sundance Ridge on the southern peninsula is the ideal choice. Infinisea Villa, Seaformiles and Island Outpost are in one of the most extraordinary positions on either of the two islands. These are luxury villas that have been carefully designed to be in harmony with their surroundings. They curve against the cooling Tradewinds; their infinity pools melt into the horizon. They’re one-of-a-kind homes that, away from their unique setting, it would be impossible to replicate.


And then there are the homes of Frigate Bay near a beautiful beach and the entertainment and facilities of the Marriott Resort. Here you’ll find condos with sea views, villas with private pools, and and some of the best investment opportunities in St Kitts real estate. Open-plan apartments are light and airy, the perfect bases for being part of the island’s principle hub. 


Whether you’re looking for secluded, exclusive luxury, villas with a unique flair or a base near the party scene, we can introduce you to the perfect Kittitian possibilities.