Beauty and the Beach

With surrounding waters too shallow for cruise ships to disgorge their daily offerings of thousands of mildly disoriented passengers, Nevis has resolutely remained an undisturbed, undamaged, and unimaginably beautiful island.

It is a singular gem, set apart from its more raucous Caribbean counterparts.

In the foothills brushed by cooling breezes, living is effortlessly genteel Infinity pools stretch to the horizon, and the clink of ice in a glass the only sound to accompany the chattering of the island's Vervet Monkeys.

The beaches on the east are dashed by the wild Atlantic while those on the west are volcanic sands and palm trees stretched lazily alongside a calm Caribbean.

For such a small island - a mere 36 square miles – the possibilities are perhaps surprising. An evening can be passed in a lively beach bar dancing to the beat of reggae or at one of the elegant plantation hotels where restaurants serve delicate offerings underneath the stars or at friend’s abode nestled in a chic location.

The small, close expat community becomes instantly familiar and familial, with invitations readily extended for cocktails on the terrace and barbecues on the beach. Yachts can be chartered for a day spent snorkeling with turtles and friends, and waterfalls high in the jungle await the approach of enthusiastic climbers.

Crumbling sugar mills dot the landscape, a testament to the island's glorious, difficult and unshakeable past - the historian and the hiker's dream. But moving to Nevis is more than just a lifestyle choice, it represents valuable investment opportunities.

SKN Passport

The Citizenship by Investment Program is the oldest in the world, inviting people from all corners of the globe to purchase property and, along with it, a powerful citizenship. The St Kitts and Nevis passport is ranked in the world's top thirty, allowing visa free travel or visa on arrival to more than 154 countries.

For those looking for estate planning, Nevis has a set of simple, clearly defined inheritance laws that result in minimal payments being due for the transfer of ownership. The island has no inheritance tax, personal income tax, gift tax or any of the taxes that usually apply when dealing with the estate of a deceased loved one.

There are several specialists in these fields to assist and advise on all real estate, citizenship and financial matters.

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